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Biographical entry Murray, Denis (1793 - 1860)

MRCS Nov 6th 1812; FRCS (by election) Aug 26th 1844; MD Edin 1820.

January 1793
17 March 1860
General surgeon


Born in January, 1793, he was appointed Surgeon's Mate on the Hospital Staff, unattached, on Nov 9th, 1812. From May, 1813, he was Hospital Assistant to the Forces. He was gazetted Assistant Surgeon to the 16th Dragoons on June 22nd, 1815, and was present at Waterloo; to the 31st Foot on Nov 10th, 1831; Surgeon to the 46th Foot on Nov 23rd, 1832; to the 13th Foot by exchange on June 2nd, 1833; transferred to the 10th Dragoons on Dec 14th, 1841; to the 44th Foot on March 20th, 1846, and promoted to the Staff (1st Class) on Sept 18th, 1846. He retired on half pay on Sept 10th, 1847, and died at Enniscorthy Lodge, Co Wicklow, on March 17th, 1860.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Johnston's RAMC Roll, No 3512].

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