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Biographical entry Odell, William (1851 - 1925)

MRCS Nov 13th 1872; FRCS Dec 14th 1876; LSA 1872; MD Durham 1901.

21 August 1925
General surgeon and Physician


Educated at St Paul's School, Stony Stratford, and at Hertford Grammar School. He received his professional training at St Bartholomew's Hospital, where he acted as Registrar in the Ophthalmic Department. From 1873-1878 he was Hon Medical Officer and House Surgeon to the Hertford Hospital. He was in private practice in Hertford from 1878, and then went to Toronto, where he remained till 1889. Returning to England, he took up his residence in Torquay, where he practised and held many offices. At the time of his death he was Consulting Physician to the Torquay Western Hospital for Consumption; Consulting Surgeon to the Erith House Institute for Invalid Ladies; Physician to the Temple Lodge Home for Inebriates; Medical Referee to the Mount Vernon Hospital for Consumption; and had been President of the Torquay Medical Society and Torquay Natural History Society. He was elected a Member of the British Medical Association in 1874, was Representative of the Torquay Division in the Representative Body from 1904-1909, and was Chairman of the Division from 1906-1907.

During the War (1914-1918) Odell was Physician to the Western Auxiliary Medical Hospital in Torquay. He was Hon Life Member of the St John Ambulance Association, and as a Local Secretary of the Epsom College Foundation devoted much time and energy to its support. He was a Corresponding Member of the Medical Society of Ontario. He died at Ferndale, his Torquay residence, on Aug 21st, 1925.

Odell's writings, which deal chiefly with tuberculosis, include:-
Scientific Aspect of Dr Koch's Remedy, 8vo, London and Torquay, 1891. Recreation, 8vo, London and Torquay, 1893.
Torquay, a British Health Resort.
Physique of the British Nation, 12mo, Torquay, 1903.
Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis with Ichthyol, 8vo, Torquay, 1909.
Further Evidence of the Value of the Foregoing Treatment.
"Injury to the Spine." - Lancet, 1874, ii, 450.
"Case of Hydrophobia: Chloroform: Death." - Ibid, 1876, ii, 84.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Lancet, 1925, ii, 627. Brit Med Jour, 1925, ii, 497. Personal knowledge].

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