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Biographical entry Osborn, Samuel (1814 - 1869)

MRCS June 29th 1838; FRCS Dec 11th 1851; MD St Andrews 1861; LSA 1836.

6 December 1814
10 February 1869
General surgeon


Born on Dec 6th, 1814, and educated at Guy's Hospital, where he paid great attention to the subject of diseases of women. He early entered the Bombay Army as a Surgeon, but was compelled to resign owing to ill health caused by a shipwreck on the African coast, where he contracted dysentery.

For many years he held the post of Medical Officer of the Stockwell District of the Lambeth Union. At the time of his death he was also Surgeon to the City of London Almshouses, Parkhill, and was a competitor for the post of Surgeon to the City of London Orphan School, which he had held as locum tenens. For a time he was Surgeon to the Royal South London Dispensary. In 1840 he won the Gold Medal for his Fothergillian Prize Essay "On Bronchitis". He died on Feb 10th, 1869, at his residence, 19 Manor Terrace, Brixton.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England