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Biographical entry Overend, Wilson (1806 - 1865)

MRCS Feb 9th 1827; FRCS Dec 11th 1843 one of the original 300 Fellows; LSA 1826; DL.

May 1806
22 April 1865
General surgeon


The eldest surving son of Hall Overend, who practised in Sheffield. He was born in May, 1806, and was educated at the Sheffield Grammar School. He then entered the united hospitals of Guy's and St Thomas's and was afterwards sent to Edinburgh. A prospectus of a School of Anatomy and Surgery was issued at Sheffield in 1828, and Wilson Overend appears as one of the lecturers. The lectures were given at first in Hall Overend's Natural History Museum, in Church Street, but afterwards at the corner house between Eyre Street and Charles Street. This house was burnt down in 1835 by an infuriated mob who believed - probably correctly - that resurrected bodies were taken there.

Wilson Overend was successful in his practice. He became Surgeon to the Infirmary in 1830 at the early age of 24, and was looked upon as one of the most accomplished and expert surgeons in Yorkshire. He took an active part in public affairs. He was for twenty-three years a very active magistrate for the West Riding and Derbyshire, and was a Deputy Lieutenant for both counties. His paternal uncle was the founder of the banking house of Overend Gurney.

Wilson Overend died after a short illness on April 22nd, 1865, at his house, Sharrow Head, Sheffield, and left two daughters.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Snell's Sheffield Infirmary, Sheffield, 1897, 115].

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