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Biographical entry Pachoutine (Paschutin), Victor (1845 - 1901)

Hon FRCS July 25th 1900; MD St Petersburg 1870.

28 January 1845
Novotscherkask, Russia
1 February 1901
General surgeon


Born in the town of Novotscherkask on the Don on Jan 28th (Jan 16th os), 1845. He was the son of a priest and was educated at an ecclesiastical seminary. He received his medical education at the Medico-Chirurgical Academy, St Petersburg, in the years 1862-1868, his teachers being Professors Botkin and Ssetschenow, whose assistant he long remained. After taking his medical degree in 1870, he became in 1871 Privatdocent of Physiology at the Academy. From 1871-1873 he pursued his studies in Berlin, Vienna, Grätz, and Paris, among his teachers being Ludwig and von Recklinghausen. In 1874 he was appointed Professor Extraordinarius of General Pathology in the University of Kasan, and in 1879 was called to the newly-founded Chair of General and Experimental Pathology at the Military Academy of Medicine of St Petersburg. Here he was Professor Ordinarius, and here too, according to English biographers, he had been educated. In 1885 he was also appointed Secretary of the Academy of St Petersburg (Gelehrter Sekretär). In 1890 he was appointed Chief of the Academy and President of the Medical Council, and later President of the Society of Public Health.

Pachoutine undoubtedly rendered great services to the teaching of pathology in Russia, and as a leading Russian surgeon he received the Hon FRCS at the Centenary on July 25th, 1900. He died of heart disease during a meeting of the Academy on Feb 1st, 1901 (Jan 20th os).

He wrote works in collaboration, and edited Putevoditel's Guide to the Medical and Sanitary Institutions of St Petersburg, compiled in memory of Pirogoff (16mo, St Petersburg, 1889). Over twelve theses appeared under Pachoutine's guidance, and a number of his pupils became professors. Hence he may be regarded as the founder of a school, according to his biographer, Professor O Petersen, of St Petersburg. His researches on the physiology of the nervous system and on medical chemistry, together with his text-book on general pathology, marked him as a worthy representative of Russian medical science. His portrait is in the Honorary Fellows' Album.

Neue Versuche am Hirn und Rückenmark des Frosches (with PROFESSOR SETSCHENOW), Berlin, 1865.
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"Récherches sur quelques Espèces de Décompositions putrides." - Arch de Physiol et Pathol, 1875, vii, 773.
Vorlesungen über allegemeine Pathologie (in Russian), 2 vols., 1878-81.
Ueber Bestimmung des Gaswechsels bei Thieren, Wratsch, 1886.
Niekotorie opite nad fermentami, prevrashaioushimi ve gloukozu krachmal i trostnikovii sachare (Experimental Researches on Ferments, Metamorphosis of Glucose, Starch, and Cane Sugar), 8vo, St. Petersburg, 1870. This is his Doctorial Thesis. It appeared in German in Reichert's Arch, 1871, 305.
"Zur Frage über die Wirkung des Speichels auf Amylum," 8vo, Berlin, 1871; reprinted from Centralb f d med Wissensch, Berlin, 1871, ix, 372.
Kurs obtshei i experimentalnoi patologii (patologicheskoi fiziologii). Vnov obrabotannoe izdan. Lektsii obtshei Patologii. T I chast pervaja, 8vo, St Petersburg, 1885. Avtobiografia (Autobiography), 8vo, portrait, St Petersburg, 1898, bound with Med i Oksa, S Petersburg, 1898.

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