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Biographical entry Parker, Samuel (1818? - 1876)

MRCS April 26th 1841; FRCS March 10th 1870; LSA 1840.

30 November 1876
General surgeon


Born probably in the year 1818, and was educated at St Bartholomew's Hospital, from which he proceeded to Paris. He was a well-known and greatly respected surgeon in Sheffield, to which town he was a public benefactor. He was for eighteen years Surgeon to the Sheffield Public Hospital (1847-1865), the high reputation of this institution being largely due to his skill. In 1866 he was elected Surgeon to the Sheffield General Infirmary on the death of Henry Jackson (qv). He was also Surgeon to the Girls' Charity School, and Lecturer on Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children, and then on Surgery, in the Sheffield School of Medicine.

He died of pneumonia on Nov 30th, 1876, at Bromsgrove Cottage, Sheffield, his practice having lain in the town at 7 Surrey Street, and was survived by his wife, who on Jan 4th, 1877, presented to the Sheffield General Infirmary the medical books, surgical instruments, and bookcase of her late husband.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Snell's Sheffield General Infirmary, Sheffield, 8vo, 1897].

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