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Biographical entry Parkin, John (1801 - 1886)

MRCS Oct 4th 1822; FRCS Jan 12th 1854; FRCP Edin 1876; MRCP 1875; LRCP 1859.

10 May 1801
18 March 1886


Born on May 10th, 1801, the son of one of the principal officers of HM Dockyards at Sheerness and Chatham. He received his preliminary education under Canon Griffiths, of Rochester, and his professional training under Abernethy at St Bartholomew's Hospital.

Settling in practice at Dover Street, Piccadilly, he devoted himself entirely to the treatment of lunacy, although he had previously spent much time in Spain in order to investigate the cholera there. At Chelsea, and then at York House, Battersea, he had private accommodation for the treatment of the insane, but, cholera breaking out in the West Indies, he severed his lucrative connection with his Battersea asylum and went out to the Colonies at his own expense. He remained abroad for many months, continuously attending cholera cases, and gaining such experience that he was sent out during a later West Indian visitation as Government Medical Inspector. After his return from the West Indies he went to Calcutta in order to study cholera on a different soil and among different races. From his long observation of this disease under various conditions he became strongly impressed with the conviction that cholera and other epidemics were in some measure due to those atmospheric conditions which attend or follow volcanic disturbances, so he was a strong opponent of all measures of quarantine.

It is remarkable that, though throughout life Parkin suffered from a serious physical disability - spina bifida - he yet pursued his many investigations indomitably. His character was one of intense earnestness and he was sincerely religious. He died in the full possession of all his faculties, and to the last took a most vivid interest in everything relating not only to his own profession, but to every topic of the day. His death occurred at his residence, 5 Codrington Place, Brighton, on March 18th, 1886. He was a Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Academies of Medicine and Surgery of Madrid, Barcelona, Cadiz, the Peloritan Society of Messina, and others.

Parkin left behind no writings on lunacy, but wrote voluminously on his other special subjects. His bibliography is as follows:-
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Sources used to compile this entry: [Med-Chir Trans, 1887, lxx, 11].

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