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Biographical entry Parr, Thomas (1819 - 1894)

MRCS July 8th 1842; FRCS March 10th 1870; LKQCPI and LM 1869; JP for Co Down.

15 July 1819
17 November 1894
General surgeon


Was born in the Infantry Barracks at Canterbury on July 15th, 1819. He joined the Army as Staff Assistant Surgeon on July 21st, 1846, was transferred to the 2nd West India Regiment on July 21st, 1848, and was promoted Surgeon to the 3rd West India Regiment on Oct 21st, 1853. He joined the Staff (2nd Class) on Oct 26th, 1855, was transferred to the 67th Foot on Jan 26th, 1858, rejoined the Staff on Sept 24th, 1859, was transferred to the 55th Foot on Aug 16th, 1861, was promoted Surgeon Major of the same regiment on July 21st, 1866, and rejoined the Staff on Oct 9th, 1869. He retired on half pay with the honorary rank of Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals on March 27th, 1872.

For a time he practised or resided at Donaghadee, Co Down, and then at Hill House, Uxbridge, where he was Surgeon Major to the 5th Middlesex Militia. Latterly he resided at 1 Godwyne Road, Dover, and died at Charlton, Dover, on Nov 17th, 1894.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Johnston's RAMC Roll, No 4868].

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