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Biographical entry Savage, Henry (1810 - 1900)

MRCS May 29th 1837; FRCS Aug 14th 1845; MB Lond 1841; MD 1845.

3 October 1900
St John's Wood


Was apparently trained for the profession at the Westminster Hospital School of Medicine, where he was at one period Lecturer on Anatomy. Later he prac┬Čtised as a physician at 34 Dorset Place, Dorset Square. He was next appointed Physician to the Samaritan Free Hospital for Women and Children, of which he was one of the founders. He was well known as a gynecologist, and practised at this period at 7 (and then 3) Gloucester Place, Portman Square. He advocated the use of the curette long before its advantages as a therapeutic appliance were understood by the profession in general.

About the year 1870 he was appointed Consulting Physician of the Samaritan Free Hospital. His address now was 45 Baker Street, W, and Ridgmount, Laurie Park, South Norwood, SE. From this time onwards he was a very active member, and for the greater part of thirty years Chairman, of the Committee of Management of the Samaritan Hospital. He became an Examiner at the Society of Apothecaries, and moved to 14 Bentinck Street, Manchester Square, W. After his retirement he resided at 38 Loudon Road, St John's Wood, NW, and died there on Wednesday morning, Oct 3rd, 1900. His photograph is in the Fellows' Album.

The Anatomist; or a Complete Description of the Muscles, Fascia, etc., and of the Arteries and Nerves, with their Central Organs, the Brain and Heart, 64mo, London, 1888.
"Remarks on Quackery, and on Ear Medicine," 8vo, London, 1839; reprinted from Lancet, 1838-9, ii, 823.
"On Displacements of the Uterus and their Surgical Treatment, and Treatment of Certain Forms of Uterine Haemorrhage by the Curette and Caustic Iodine Injections, preceded by Mechanical Dilatation of the Cervix." - Med Times and Gaz.
His classical work was: Illustrations of the Surgery of the Female Pelvic Organs. In a series of Plates taken from Nature. With Physiological and Pathological References, 4to, coloured plates, etc, London, 1868.
The Surgery, Surgical Pathology, and Surgical Anatomy of the Female Pelvic Organs, in a Series of Coloured Plates taken from Nature. With Commentaries, Notes, and Cases, 2nd ed, 16 plates, mostly in colours, 4to, London, 1870; 5th ed, 16 plates, mostly in colours, 1882.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit Med Jour, 1900, ii, 1058].

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