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Biographical entry Rogers, Arnold (1798 - 1870)

MRCS April 16th 1830; FRCS (by election) Oct 13th 1853.

Martley, Worcestershire
18 March 1870
Dental surgeon


Born at Martley, Worcestershire; was apprenticed to a chemist in Worcester, and served with Messrs Allen & Hanburys, the chemists, in Plough Court, EC. He afterwards started in business for himself in Cheapside, but soon began to study medicine at St Bartholomew's Hospital, and was admitted MRCS in 1830. He began to practise as a dentist in Regent Street before he obtained his diploma; he was appointed Dental Surgeon to St Bartholomew's Hospital in 1837. He served as an Examiner on the Dental Board of the Royal College of Surgeons of England from 1860-1865 and was elected FRCS in 1853. He took an active part in the formation of the Odontological Society, contributing the first paper read before the members in 1857, was elected the third President in 1859, and undertook the duties of Hon Treasurer from 1861-1867. He was also one of the founders and early supporters of the Dental Hospital and London School of Dental Surgery. He practised successfully at 26 Hanover Square, and died there on March 18th, 1870.

Rogers was one of the leaders amongst the band of men who converted dentistry into a profession in England (see Tomes, Sir John). A testimonial presented to him in 1867, which was signed individually by every member a the Odontological Society, states that - "In the course of a long life spent in the arduous and toilsome duties of your profession you have gained for yourself a character of no ordinary kind - a reputation for extreme courtesy and kindness by your patients, and a reputation for urbanity and extreme ability by your professional brethren, who alone can be considered competent judges of this last qualification."

An engraved portrait by Cochran after a photograph, and a Woodbury type photograph, are in the College Collection. There is a three-quarter-length oil painting, sitting left, in the possession of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Trans Odontol Soc, 1871, NS, iii, 620. Proc Med-Chir Soc, 1871, vi, 356. Cripps's Plough Court, the Story of a Notable Pharmacy, 8vo, 1927].

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