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Biographical entry Takaki, Baron Kanchiro ( - 1915)

MRCS April 16th 1878; FRCS June 10th 1880; LRCP Lond 1878; DCL Durham 1906.

Tokyo, Japan
General surgeon


Was a native of Japan, where he became acquainted with William Anderson (qv), Surgeon to St Thomas's Hospital, whose knowledge of the country gave him a considerable influence. Takaki entered at St Thomas's Hospital and became a very successful and distinguished student. He rose to the rank of Director-General of Medical Services in the Japanese Navy. He sent his two sons, as well as a number of other Japanese, to St Thomas's Hospital; the sons became House Surgeon and House Physician respectively, and were very efficient and popular. Takaki practised in Tokio, Japan, his address being 13 Higashi Toriizaka, Azaba. He died at Tokio in 1915.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England