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Biographical entry Teevan, William Frederic (1834 - 1887)

MRCS June 10th 1858; FRCS June 10th 1858; BA Lond (Honours in animal physiology) 1852.

22 October 1887
General surgeon and Genito-urinary surgeon


The son of William Teevan, who practised in Bryanston Square, and nephew of James Teevan (qv), who died a day or two before the subject of this memoir.

Teevan was educated at University College Hospital, entering it in 1854 after completing his ordinary education at the College. He became House Surgeon, President of the University College Medical Society, and Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, and on resigning the latter appointment was elected Lecturer on Anatomy to the Westminster Hospital. He served at Odessa as a Civil Surgeon during the Crimean War, and on his return joined the staff of the West London Hospital, where he did much admirable work. He was elected Surgeon to St Peter's Hospital for Urinary Diseases in December, 1866. Teevan had just previously been appointed full Surgeon of the institution, where till 1882 he worked with assiduity at the surgical treatment of diseases of the genitourinary tract. At this period, practising at 10 Portman Square, W, he became a Fellow of the Medical Society of London, and a member of the Pathological, Harveian, and Clinical Societies, being also appointed a Corresponding Fellow of the Medical Society of Odessa. In 1868 he was Orator, and in 1880 Lettsomian Lecturer, at the Medical Society, when he took as his subject "The Treatment of Stricture of the Urethra, Enlarged Prostate, and Stone in the Bladder with Special Reference to Recent Progress".

Teevan was an excellent operator. His care and dexterity were never better displayed than when he operated for stone after Bigelow's method. His mechanical ingenuity was well known and notably displayed in his urethrotome for internal urethrotomy.

In 1882 he was obliged by increasing illness to retire and saw his last patient at St Peter's Hospital in March. He went to the seaside, was attacked by syncope, and his sight began to fail. Sir John Tweedy (qv) discovered whiteness and atrophy of both optic discs: Teevan grew totally blind, and later his mind gave way. He was placed under the care of Dr Milsted Harmer, of Hawkhurst, where he died on Oct 22nd, 1887, leaving a widow and three children.

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Sources used to compile this entry: [For a contemporary estimate of Teevan's work, see Brit Med Jour, 1887, ii, 1027. Lancet, 1887, ii, 991].

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