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Biographical entry Thompson, James Edwin ( - 1927)

MRCS July 23rd 1886; FRCS June l3th 1889; MB Lond (Honours in obstetric medicine and forensic medicine, and medical scholar and gold medallist in anatomy) 1887; BS 1888.

8 April 1927
General surgeon


Educated at Owens College, Manchester, where he held the Dumville and Bradley Surgical Scholarships, and in 1886-1887 was President of the Medical Students' Debating Society. He was at one time Resident Medical Officer at the Guest Hospital, Dudley, and House Surgeon at the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Early in the nineties of the nineteenth century he migrated to Galveston, Texas, where for many years he practised in Broadway. He was appointed Professor of Surgery in the University of Texas and was Surgeon to the Sealy Hospital and St Mary's Hospital. He was a Fellow of the Texas Academy of Science. He died at Texas on April 8th, 1927.

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He contributed in July, 1903, a long and interesting paper on "Tropical Abscess of the Liver" to the Gazette of the Manchester Medical Students' Debating Society.

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