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Biographical entry Searle, Henry Smith ( - 1854)

MRCS May 1st 1818; FRCS (by election) Aug 26th 1844; LSA 1818.

General surgeon


Practised as a surgeon in King William Street, Charing Cross, and then at 13 Queen's Place, Kennington Common, where he died on or before Feb 24th, 1854. From 1835 he was co-editor of the Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology.


An Essay on the Absorbent Vessels, shewing that their Action is not liable to be influenced by the Artificial Agents commonly applied, 12mo, London, 1823.
A Critical Analysis of the Memoirs read by Dr. Barry before the Academy of Sciences, on the 8th of June, 1825, at the Institute of France, on Atmospheric Pressure being the Principal Cause of the Progression of Blood in the Veins, 8vo, London, 1827.
A Treatise on the Tonic System of Treating Affections of the Stomach and Brain; comprehending an account of the causes and nature of impairment of the consti┬Čtution, indigestion, determination of blood to the head, impairment and morbid excitation of the brain, paralysis, apoplexy and insanity, 8vo, London, 1843.
"On a Cause of Dysphagia."- Lancet, 1825-6, x, 697.
"Treatment of Uterine Haemorrhage."- Ibid, 1826-7, xii, 527, etc.
"On the Arrangement of the Fibres of the Heart" in the Cyclop Anat, 1838.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England