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Biographical entry Shaw, James (1809 - 1889)

MRCS June 15th 1832; FRCS (by election) Feb 10th 1853.

1 December 1889
Military surgeon


He served on board the Anna Amelia (1831-1832), and entered the Madras Army as Assistant Surgeon on May 19th, 1834, being promoted to Surgeon on Jan 31st, 1851; Surgeon Major on Jan 13th, 1860; Deputy Inspector-General on March 1st, 1863; and Inspector-General on Aug 1st, 1864. He saw active service in the Gumsur Campaign (1836-1837).

He was at one time Professor of Surgery and Principal of the Madras Medical College, and on Aug 10th, 1866, became Principal Inspector-General, Madras. The appointment was abolished on Shaw's retirement, the Madras Service retaining only one appointment as Inspector-General. He retired on Feb 26th, 1867, and then resided at Thicket Road, Anerley, SE, where he died on Dec 1st, 1889.


Shaw apparently published A Treatise on the Cause, Nature, Seat and Treatment of Cholera, 8vo, London, 1848.

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