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Biographical entry Shearman, Edward James (1798 - 1878)

MRCS Feb 3rd 1843; FRCS (by election) Oct 14th 1869; MD Jena 1841; Ext LRCP Lond 1842; MRCP 1869; LSA 1820.

2 October 1878
General surgeon


Educated at Edinburgh and St George's Hospital. He was for thirteen years Surgeon to the Rotherham Dispensary and then Physician to Rotherham Hospital, which he was instrumental in founding in 1872, and where he held office till his death, which took place at his residence, Moorgate, Rotherham, on Oct 2nd, 1878. His portrait, reported to be in the College Collection, has not been found.


An Essay on the Properties of Animal and Vegetable Life, 1846.
Retrospective Medical Address on Diseases of the Chest, read to the British Medical Association, 1848.
"The Changes in the Urine effected by Disease, and the Tests to Distinguish them." -Lancet, 1845, i, 554.
"Two Cases of Albuminuria in the Same House, caused by Drinking Water Con┬Čtaminated with Lead, one ending in Fatal Apoplexy, the other in Universal Anasarca, from whose Skin Large Quantities of Urea were Collected whilst in the Hot-air Bath."- Practitioner, 1874, xii, 266, 401.
"Series of Cases of Haematuria to such a Quantity as to produce Syncope, without Albumin, Constantly Alternating with Large Deposition of Uric Acid."- Ibid, 1875, xiv, 275.
"Description of the Rotherham Hospital," 4to, Rotherham, 1877; reprinted from Lancet, 1875, i, 579.
Numerous papers in Lancet, Med Times and Gaz, and other important journals.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England