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Biographical entry Sheppard, Edgar (1819 - 1897)

MRCS June l3th 1846; FRCS Feb10th 1859; MD St Andrews 1855; MRCP Lond 1859; LSA 1850.

29 October 1897
West Worthing


Educated at King's College, London, where he was afterwards Professor of Psychological Medicine. He was for many years Medical Superintendent of the Male Department of Colney Hatch Asylum, and, by the great and constant care with which he exercised his functions there, was well known and highly appreciated. He was a man of distinguished presence, was refined in taste and manners, and was one of the old school of courtly physicians.

He was widely read in medical literature, both British and foreign, and caused some sensation as a medical author, particularly by a work on the psychology of Quakerism and by one on the Turkish bath, of the uses of which he had made a special study and which he advocated with perhaps excessive enthusiasm. The Home Office frequently called him in officially to give his opinion in criminal cases, so that he was a well-known figure in the Law Courts. After retiring from his post at Colney Hatch he lived for some time in London, where he frequented the meetings of the medical societies. In 1872 he received the Hon DCL of the Southern University, USA.

After retiring he lived at Randolph Lodge, West Worthing, and died there Oct 29th, 1897. The Rev Canon Edgar Sheppard, who became Sub-Dean of the Chapels Royal in 1884, was his son, and H R L Sheppard, sometime Rector of St Martin's in-the-Fields, his grandson. A striking photograph is in the Fellows' Album.


A Fallen Faith; or the Psychology of Quakerism.
Bathing: How to Do it, When to Do it, and Where to Do it, 2nd ed, 8vo, London, 1866; 3rd ed, 1869.
"On Some of the Modern Teachings of Insanity," 8vo, Lewes, 1872; reprinted from Jour Ment Sci, 1872, xvii, 499.
Lectures on Madness in its Medical, Legal and Social Aspects, 8vo, London, 1873.
"Cremation and Cholera," 8vo, London, 1884; reprinted from Pall Mall Gaz.
Translation of Gilbert's Special Diseases of the Skin 12mo, London, 1845.
Various contributions to Brit and For Med-Chir Rev, Lancet, etc.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England