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Biographical entry Sherwin, William (1804 - 1874)

MRCS July 7th 1826; FRCS May 5th 1862.

Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
10 March 1874
General surgeon


Born 1804, the son of William Sherwin, NCO in the Buffs, and Government store-keeper, at Parramatta, NSW. Apprenticed to Dr William Bland of Sydney, went to London 1823. He returned to Australia in 1827, was surgeon to the convict settlement at Melville Island and later at Raffles Bay. He practised in Parramatta from 1829-1840. He was the first qualified medical man to engage in private practice at Parramatta, the first Australian to take a medical course abroad, and the first Australian FRCS. He died on March 10th, 1874.


On the Primum Mobile of the Blood in the Lungs at Birth; its Complete Vitalization or Animalization; and its Subsequent Circulation 8vo, Sydney, 1844.
It is not certain whether he also published:
"Physiology and Pharmacodynamics: a Lecture," 8vo, London, 1862; reprinted from Monthly Homoeopath Rev, 1862, vi.
The pamphlet on the Primum Mobile is a quaint and very short production, and was sent to the President of the College, Sir Benjamin Brodie, which seems to prove that the author was proud of it.

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