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Biographical entry Shillitoe, Buxton (1826 - 1916)

MRCS July 4th 1851; FRCS May 31st 1860.

23 December 1916
General surgeon


Was educated at University College and Hospital, where he was House Surgeon. He practised for many years in the City of London, first at 34 Finsbury Circus, and then at 2 Frederick Place, Old Jewry. Comparatively early in his career he was Surgeon to the Great Northern Hospital, and in 1887 was appointed Surgeon to the London Lock Hospital, from the active staff of which he resigned in 1909, but kept his seat as Consulting Surgeon upon the Board of Management until his death.

He devoted much attention to diseases of the genito-urinary tract, but did not contribute largely to medical literature. He devised a conical catheter which he described in the Medical Times and Gazette (1860, ii, 5). In 1864 Shillitoe first availed himself of the Zittmann treatment of the later forms of syphilis, which consisted in giving strong doses of decoction of sarsaparilla, followed by full doses of potassium iodide. The patient was usually kept in a room where a uniformly high temperature was maintained. He appears to have used this treatment with excellent results, and, as Mr Alban Doran (qv), who knew Shillitoe, pointed out, was thus employing the old sudorific procedures. Doran met Shillitoe at the meetings of the Linnean Society, the latter being fond of the study of botany. He was Consulting Surgeon for many years to the East London Children's Hospital, as well as Surgeon to the Atlas and other Insurance Companies.

After retiring from practice he lived at Birch Mount, 29 Sydenham Hill, SE, from which he removed some years before his death to Bournemouth, where he died at 3 Richmond Gardens on Dec 23rd, 1916.


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