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Biographical entry Ward, Nathaniel (1820 - 1866)

MRCS Dec 22nd 1843; FRCS Aug 14th 1845.

10 February 1866
General surgeon


The son of Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward (1791-1868), the well-known botanist who popularized the herbarium known as 'Ward's case'. Nathaniel Ward studied at the London Hospital, where he was elected Assistant Surgeon. He had been beaten on his first application for the post by George Critchett (qv) after a most spirited contest in which he lost by only five votes. He acted for a time as Demonstrator of Anatomy, but resigned his posts in August, 1860. He was Consulting Surgeon to the British Orphan Asylum and was the first surgical Secretary of the Pathological Society of London in 1846-1848, being succeeded by George Critchett. He delivered the Introductory Address at the London Hospital in October, 1850, and afterwards printed it.

He lived first at 5 Christopher Street, Finsbury Square, EC, and then at 17 Finsbury Place South, and in 1861 at 1 Broad Street Buildings, BC. In 1865 he went abroad, and his death was reported as having occurred at his father's house, The Ferns, 14 Clapham Rise, SW, on Feb 10th, 1866. There is some reason to suppose that he was mentally afflicted for some time before his death.

A Memoir on Strangulated Hernia from Cases in the London Hospital, 8vo, London, 1854; 2nd ed, 1855.
"On the Salivary Glands" and "On the Spinal Nerves" in Todd's Cydopoedia of Medicine.
"Some Points on the Surgery of Hernia." - Lancet, 1856, I, 67, etc.
"A Case of Rhino-plastic Operation." - Med Times and Gaz, 1856, I, 385.

Sources used to compile this entry: [London Hosp Gaz, 1917-19, xxii, 8. Dict Nat Biog, sub nomine Ward, Nathaniel Bagshaw].

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