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Biographical entry Simpson, George (1805 - 1867)

MRCS Aug 6th 1824; FRCS Dec 11th 1843, one of the original 300 Fellows.

19 October 1867


At the time of his death Simpson was a Teacher of Vaccination by appointment of the Privy Council, and Surgeon of the Surrey Vaccination Establishment. He had previously been Surgeon to the Westminster General Dispensary. He was throughout life, first Lecturer on, and then Professor of, Anatomy to the Artists' Anatomical Society. In 1825 he published The Anatomy of the Bones and Muscles; exhibiting the parts as they appear on dissection and more particularly in the living figure, as applicable to the Fine Arts. Designed for the use of artists and members of the Artists' Anatomical Society (4to, London). This early art anatomy is dedicated to Sir Thomas Lawrence, President of the Royal Academy, and is rightly described by Simpson as illustrated with highly finished lithographic impressions. For the education of native surgeons in India he devised a series of papier-mâché and gutta-percha anatomical figures, which obtained a Prize Medal at the Great Exhibition of 1851. He died at his residence, 18 Gower Street, on Oct 19th, 1867.

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