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Biographical entry Slyman, William (1807 - 1869)

MRCS April 2nd 1830; FRCS Dec 13th 1855; Ext LRCP Lond 1848; LSA 1828

28 June 1807
St Germans, Cornwall
17 April 1869
Newtown, Montgomeryshire
General surgeon


Born at St Germans, Cornwall, on June 28th, 1807; he completed his medical education at St Bartholomew's Hospital. From 1828 to the time of his death he practised at Newtown, Montgomeryshire, where he established the Infirmary. He enjoyed a large practice and leading position in his locality. His mind, said his biographer in the Newtown and Welshpool Express at the time of his death, was "well and practically cultivated", and he arrived at conclusions by a kind of intuition rarely lacking in "logical and practical correctness". He was "genial, good-natured, self-effacing, and charitable". "To enumerate the many efforts made by the deceased for the benefit of his neighbours, and for the progress of this his adopted town," says the afore-mentioned biographer, "would be to recall most of the improvements, especially in a sanitary form, that have taken place in this locality within the past half century. Suffice it to say that whatever concerned the wants or the weal of his fellow-men met with an echo in his breast, and called into active exercise his untiring energy." His manly assertion of his honest convictions won him admiration, and his benevolence, affection.

He died at Newtown, of gastro-enteritis with pneumonia, on April 17th, 1869, and by a vote of the authorities of the Montgomeryshire Infirmary he was given a public funeral on April 22nd, which was largely attended. He was buried in the Parish Church, Newtown. At the time of his death he was Coroner for the South Division of Montgomeryshire, Surgeon to the Royal Montgomery Militia Rifles, and Medical Referee to the Accident Assurance Company.


Cholera, its Prevention, Premonitory Symptoms and Treatment, 1849.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England