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Biographical entry Williams, Benjamin (1792 - 1850)

MRCS May 5th 1815; FRCS (by election) Aug 26th 1844.

March 1792
9 December 1850
Madras, India
General surgeon


Born in March, 1792, entered the IMS, Madras Army, as Assistant Surgeon on April 13th, 1816, was promoted to Surgeon on Dec 16th, 1828, to Superintending Surgeon on Feb 1st, 1843. He saw active service in the Third Maratha, Pindari, or Dekkan War (1817-1818), and died at Madras on Dec 9th, 1850. He was one of the twenty-nine officers of the IMS to be elected FRCS on Aug 26th, 1844.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England