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Biographical entry Winchester, William Henry Blewett (1816 - 1901)

MRCS Feb 16th 1838; FRCS (by election) Oct 13th 1853; LSA 1837.

8 February 1901
General surgeon


Studied at University College Hospital, London, and practised successively at Tamerton-Foliot, Devonshire; by 1855 at 14 Westbourne Terrace Road, London, when he was Surgeon to the Marylebone Eye and Ear Institute, to the Westbourne Dispensary, and to the Female Temperance Home, Gloucester House. He was a member of the Harveian Society and interested in the treatment of fractures. At the International Exhibition of 1862 he obtained honourable mention for the improvement in splints for fractures.

After 1860 he practised at Knowl Hill, Twyford, Berkshire; by 1871 he had moved to Boyne Grove, Maidenhead. From about 1875 he practised at Castlenau, Barnes, Surrey; by 1890 he had removed to Rasdale, Westcombe Park, Blackheath; finally to 5 Park Villas, Charlton Road, Blackheath, where he died on Feb 8th, 1901.

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