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Biographical entry Smith, William (1817 - 1875)

MRCS April 6th 1838; FRCS April 17th 1873; LSA 1837.

General surgeon


The son of a well-known Manchester paper-maker. He went to the Manchester Royal School of Medicine, and became Surgeon to the Manchester Royal Infirmary, to Cheetham College, and to the Manchester School for the Deaf and Dumb. For a quarter of a century he lectured on general anatomy and physiology at Owens College. He was popular, and his professional skill caused him to be much consulted both in Manchester and in a wide area around.

He had been unwell and had visited Brighton for a few days. On the day of his return he was stooping to examine the foot of a child in his consulting-room at 98 Mosley Street, when he was seized with apoplexy and died in a few minutes, in the same manner as his father and at about the same age. He left a family, and his loss was much felt locally amongst the profession and at medical institutions.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England