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Biographical entry Wood, John Bland (1815 - 1890)

MRCS Feb 5th 1886; FRCS March 10th 1859; LSA 1835; MD Heidelberg 1836.

February 1890
botanist and General surgeon


Born near Pontefract, where he was educated. He was practising about 1840 at Broughton, Manchester, also in Salford. Owing to failing health he retired about 1875.

He won considerable distinction as a botanist, making a collection of rushes and mosses from the neighbourhood. He accompanied the botanist, Schimper of Strasbourg, on botanical expeditions in Wales and Scotland. His collection of mosses were arranged according to Schimper's Classification.

His publication Flora Mancuniensis (1840) preceded the Flora of Richard Buxton. Failing eyesight as well as failing health prevented a continuance of his botanical studies in later life, and he died at Swinbourne Grove, Withington, in February, 1890.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England