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Biographical entry Wood, Samuel (1812 - 1879)

MRCS July 14th 1837; FRCS Jan 10th 1861; LSA 1835; JP.

19 June 1879
General surgeon


Studied at University College Hospital, acted as House Surgeon to the Shrewsbury Infirmary from 1837-1848, and was then appointed Surgeon. He was also Surgeon to the Shropshire and Montgomery Counties Lunatic Asylum, practising at St Mary's Court, Shrewsbury.

He was much interested in archaeology; was a Fellow and the local Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries, a member of the Numismatic Society of London and of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, a Fellow of the Ethnological Society, and an authority on the antiquities of his native district.

He died at St Mary's Court, Shrewsbury, on June 19th, 1879.

Wood published papers in 1863 "On a Case of Traumatic Tetanus" for which he had divided the implicated nerve; also "An Operation for the Cure of Femoral Hernia" in 1871.
Address to the Members of the Shropshire Scientific Branch of the British Medical Association, 8vo, Shrewsbury, 1868.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Proc Roy Med-Chir Soc, 1875-80, viii, 478].

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