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Biographical entry Worthington, William Collins (1800 - 1885)

MRCS Nov 5th 1819; FRCS (by election) Aug 26th 1844; LSA 1820.

26 February 1800
31 January 1885
General surgeon


Born on Feb 26th, 1800; was a resident pupil at Norwich County Hospital under Rigby and Philip Martineau, from whom he learnt surgery, and in particular lithotomy. He then entered Middlesex Hospital under Sir Charles Bell, and also studied anatomy at Joshua Brooks's School.

In 1822 he began to practise at Lowestoft, and soon established a Cottage Hospital, which had grown to contain thirty beds by the end of his life. For half a century he was active in an extensive practice, a continual contributor to medical literature, and a keen pathologist who lost no opportunity of making a post-mortem examination, by which he collected a number of interesting specimens. Meanwhile he was also Surgeon to the Lowestoft Infirmary. He attributed his good health and longevity to total avoidance of alcohol. He died in retirement at London Road, Lowestoft, on Jan 31st, 1885.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England