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Biographical entry Wraith, Samuel Hope (1816 - 1865)

MRCS March 22nd 1839; FRCS Oct 16th 1856; LSA 1839; JP for County of Lancaster.

14 August 1865
General surgeon


Studied at St Bartholomew's Hospital and practised at Over-Darwen, Lancashire, where he was Medical Officer of Health for the Darwen District of Blackburn Union and Certifying Factory Surgeon. He died on Aug 14th, 1865.

He published a case of Caesarean section on a woman the subject of osteomalacia (Prov Med Jour, 1843, v, 329). A woman, aged 43, had been first confined without difficulty of a living child in 1831; again of a living child in 1834 with a little more difficulty, for osteomalacia had already set in. In 1839 she was in labour for the third time, when owing to the pelvic deformity embryotomy was performed. At her fourth labour, which occurred at term in 1843, the osteomalacia had so advanced as to reduce the pelvis to one and a half inches in the conjugate and two and a half inches in the iliac diameter. Delay followed, and the foetus had not shown signs of life for twelve hours, but a consultation with two colleagues concluded that the woman could not be otherwise delivered than by Caesarean section. The incision extended from the umbilicus to the pubes, the dead foetus and placenta were quickly extracted, after which the uterus contracted only slightly and haemorrhage continued. Three sutures were inserted into the external wound. The woman survived for three hours. No post-mortem examination was allowed. Nothing is said of squeezing the uterus nor of inserting sutures into it; death was attributed to haemorrhage.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England