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Biographical entry Wray, Charles (1859 - 1922)

MRCS Nov 18th 1881; FRCS May 13th 1886.

13 February 1922
Ophthalmic surgeon


Born in Yorkshire; studied at the London Hospital - during which time, in 1880-1881, he was Prosector at the Royal College of Surgeons - at the Royal Ophthalmic Hospital, where he acted as Clinical Assistant, and at the Royal Eye Hospital. He practised as an ophthalmologist at Croydon and also had consulting-rooms at 36 Victoria Street, London, SW.

In 1887 he took charge of the newly opened Ophthalmological Department at the Croydon General Hospital. He also acted as Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Infirmary, to the Croydon Council Schools, and in London was Surgeon to the Western Ophthalmic Hospital. In Croydon he practised at Bank Chambers, North End. He was an active member of the Croydon Branch of the British Medical Association and exhibited several series of important cases of eye disease at the clinical meetings. He gained a vast experience, had a sound judgement, and was a skilful and careful operator. He also lectured on optics at Hoatherley's Art School.

He was a tall, fresh-coloured, vigorous Yorkshireman, with a zest for small controversies, a diligent reader in the College library. He died in a London nursing home on Feb 13th, 1922, being survived by his widow.

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Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit Med Jour, 1922, i, 332, with a note by Dr E H Willcock].

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