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Biographical entry Stone, William Domett (1840 - 1921)

MRCS April 10th 1861; FRCS June 8th 1865; LM 1865; LSA 1861; MD St Andrews 1862.

1 October 1921
General surgeon


The younger son of Thomas Madden Stone, who from 1853-1871 was Clerk of the Royal College of Surgeons. He was educated at the Middlesex Hospital and was prosector at the Royal College of Surgeons. At various times he was Resident Medical Superintendent of the Munster House Asylum, Fulham, Surgeon Superintendent of HM Government Emigration Service, Physician to the Westminster General Dispensary, the Western General Dispensary, the Finsbury Dispensary, and Surgeon to the Marylebone General Dispensary.

Stone travelled widely through Europe, the United States, Canada, South and East Africa, Palestine, and the Near East. From the knowledge he gained he was able to institute an inquiry into the hygienic conditions of the Mercantile Marine of Great Britain, Sweden, Russia, the United States, and other countries, and in 1872 the Council of the College of Physicians of Sweden conferred upon him its honorary membership. When in 1865 the Lancet appointed a Commission to inquire into the state of workhouses, he championed the cause of reform in The Times. He pointed out that the education and general status of the masters was often inadequate to their position, and that the first step in reform of Poor Law Infirmaries was to raise the standard of requirements for the posts of master and matron. In this he was warmly supported by the medical press. In 1889 he was elected Corresponding Member of the Italian Association 'dei Benemerite' and was awarded a Gold Medal for scientific, literary, and humanitarian work.

He practised at 3E Maida Vale Mansions, W, and died in retirement on Oct 1st, 1921. His photograph is in the Fellows' Album.


For the years 1869-1873 Stone was editor of the Half-yearly Abstracts of the Medical Sciences. He also published An Epitome of Therapeutics 8vo London 1874 and was a frequent contributor to medical journals on hygiene and sanitation.

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