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Biographical entry Hammond, Thomas Edwin (1888 - 1943)

MRCS 25 July 1912; FRCS 9 October 1913; LRCP 1912.

5 August 1888
Penrhiwfer, Wales
25 March 1943


Born on 5 August 1888 at Penrhiwfer, South Wales, son of Edwin Hammond, colliery owner, and Jane Jenkins his wife. He was educated at Cheltenham College, and at St Bartholomew's Hospital from 1907, where he won a junior scholarship in anatomy and physiology and the Treasurer's and Foster prizes in anatomy. He also won University scholarships in anatomy and physiology at the London intermediate MB. He qualified for the Fellowship in April 1913, four months before reaching the legal age of twenty-five. He served as house surgeon and house physician at the West London Hospital 1912-13, and as resident surgical officer at St Peter's Hospital for genito-urinary diseases 1913-14.

He served through the first world war in the RAMC, being gazetted lieutenant 20 December 1915. He served with a field ambulance in France, September 1914 to February 1915, and as medical officer in the South Wales Borderers, May 1915 to January 1916. He was wounded at the evacuation of Gallipoli, and was mentioned in despatches. He was surgeon to the Alderhey Orthopaedic Hospital, Liverpool, and to Newport Military Hospital under Sir Robert Jones, 1916-18. From 1918 to 1921 he was clinical assistant at St Peter's Hospital, London, where in 1919-20 he was personal assistant to Sir John Thomson-Walker. Returning to his native country he soon made his mark in his chosen specialty. He was appointed assistant surgeon to the Royal Infirmary, Cardiff in 1924, becoming surgeon and consulting urologist in 1934. He was one of the first assistants in the surgical unit of the Welsh National School of Medicine. He became also consulting urologist to the Welsh National Memorial (Tuberculosis) Association and to the Royal Hamadryad Hospital.

Hammond took a prominent part in the activities of professional societies, becoming president of the Cardiff Medical Society and of the section of urology, at the Royal Society of Medicine, to which he had previously been secretary 1928-29. He was also a Fellow of the Association of Surgeons and a member of the Association internationale d'Urologie. He was in the habit of taking frequent postgraduate courses abroad and had studied under Wildbolz at Bern 1921, Victor Pauchet and Legueu in Paris 1924, Lichtenstein in Vienna 1926, and Lichtenberg in Berlin 1931, besides visiting many continental clinics in other years.

He died in hospital at Northampton on 25 March 1943, aged 55, and was buried at Cefn, Merthyr, South Wales, after a service in the chapel of Cardiff Royal Infirmary. He was unmarried. Hammond was a man of serious, emphatic views, which he often aired in the local press. He was much interested in the study of the integral human organism. He also believed in the paramount influence of idiosyncrasy in determining the reaction to infection, rather than in any special nature of the invading organism. He wrote several books on these subjects, besides many valuable professional papers, in particular on genital tuberculosis.

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Sources used to compile this entry: [Lancet, 1943,1, 479, with eulogy by A W Sheen, CBE, FRCS; Brit med J. 1943, 1, 462; information given by his sister, Miss Verna Hammond].

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