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Biographical entry Herbert, Herbert (1865 - 1942)

MRCS 10 April 1886; FRCS 11 June 1891; LRCP 1886.

25 February 1865
Tranmere, Cheshire
19 March 1942


Born at Tranmere, Cheshire, on 25 February 1865, the eldest son and second of the four children of Richard Sherwood, barrister and deemster of the Isle of Man, who assumed the name of Herbert in 1876. He was educated at Liverpool and at the Leeds Medical School, and took the English Conjoint qualification in 1886.

He was commissioned as surgeon in the Indian Medical Service, on the Bombay list, on 31 March 1887. He saw active service in East Africa and Somaliland in 1890 with the Zaila field force in the Husain Zariba affair. In 1891 he took the Fellowship, and was promoted major IMS on 31 March 1899, and lieutenant-colonel on 31 March 1907, retiring on 20 October 1907. Herbert specialized as an ophthalmologist, being from 1897 ophthalmic surgeon to the Jamsetji Jijibhai Hospital, Bombay, and a Fellow of Bombay University, and professor of ophthalmic surgery at Grant Medical College.

On his return to England in 1908 he was appointed surgeon to the Midland Eye Infirmary at Nottingham, and was subsequently consulting surgeon. During the war he rejoined the IMS, serving from October 1914 to 1 April 1919 in hospital ships, at the Indian Hospital at Brockenhurst, and in India. He then settled at 6 Southview Drive, West Worthing, Sussex, becoming consulting ophthalmic surgeon to the Worthing Hospital and consulting pathologist to the Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton. He was a vice-president of the Ophthalmological Society of the United Kingdom.

Herbert made his mark as an acute and original observer, and as an operator and inventor of operative techniques. He described "Herbert's pits" in the cornea of trachomatous patients, and his second, "trap-door" method of sclerotomy in glaucoma met with wide approval. His publication on superficial punctate keratitis was one of the earliest, and he was the first to record the presence of eosinophil cells in vernal catarrh.

Herbert married in 1899, and was survived by two daughters and two sons, one of whom, Major Gerald Herbert, RAMC, FRCS 1931, was surgeon to St Cross Hospital, Rugby. He died on 19 March 1942, aged 77.

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