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Biographical entry Platt, Walter Brewster (1853 - 1922)

MRCS 19 April 1881; FRCS 13 December 1883; MD Harvard 1879.

Waterbury, Connecticut, USA
30 October 1922
Baltimore, USA
General surgeon


Born at Waterbury, Connecticut in 1853, and educated at Harvard University Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He practised at 802 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, Maryland and was superintendent of the Robert Garrett Hospital for Children. He was a member of the Southern Surgical Association. He died at Baltimore of heart disease on 30 October 1922. He appears from his writings to have taken some interest in the history of his profession.

Some observations on the antiseptic and physiological action of resorcin. Amer J med Sci 1883, 85, 89.
A three months' surgical service at Bay View Hospital, Baltimore, Md. Trans Med Chir Fac Md 1885, 87, and separately: Baltimore, 1885.
The climate of St Moritz, Upper Engadine, Switzerland. Trans Amer Climat Ass 1887, 4, 137.
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Some account of Baron Larrey, surgeon to the armies of France under Napoleon I. Maryland med J 1894, 31, 159.
Medicine as a profession. Boston med surg J 1899, 141, 29.
A report of 35 cases of hip joint disease treated at the Robert Garrett Hospital for Children, Baltimore. Trans Sth surg gynec Ass 1899, 11, 443.
Translator of R Ultzmann Pyuria. New York, 1884.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Information given by the manager of the Directory department, American Medical Association, Chicago].

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