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Biographical entry Price, Henry James (1854 - 1932)

MRCS 14 May 1896; FRCS 9 June 1898; LRCP 1896.

15 September 1854
8 January 1932
Maldon, Essex
General surgeon


Born on 15 September 1854, the second son of Henry Price, a Guernsey man, and Henrietta Freeman, his wife. He came to Maldon, Essex, in 1861 on a visit to his uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs John Sadd, was sent to school there and received some private tuition in Latin and Greek. When little more than a boy he acted as dispenser to his cousin and afterwards as an unqualified assistant first to Drs John Livingstone and Arthur Perigal practising in Barnet and then to Thomas Tomlinson, MRCS at Maldon. Having thus saved sufficient money he entered University College, London about 1890 where he was Lister, Bruce, and Tuke medallist, served as ophthalmic assistant in the hospital, and became assistant demonstrator of anatomy in the medical school. During this period he supported his mother and aunt, and continued to earn a scanty livelihood by teaching. At the Royal College of Surgeons he was prosector during his student career and afterwards acted for many years as a scrutineer at the annual election of Fellows.

Settling in general practice at Maldon, Essex he became in due course the senior partner in the firm of Price, Wallis, and Dawmer. He was medical officer to the workhouse and the Post Office, and an assessor under the Workman's Compensation Act for the Maldon area of Essex. During the war he converted his house into a hospital. The first Belgian wounded were admitted to it, and it was afterwards occupied by British wounded. Belgians and English alike often returned to thank their host for the many kindnesses they had received at his hands. He was given the M├ędaille du Roi Albert de Belgique for his services. At Maldon he soon found his way to the hearts of the people and was an influence for good throughout the district. He was devoted to horses and was the last doctor in the neighbourhood to go his rounds in a high gig. He was also passionately fond of music and played the organ, though his favourite instrument was the flute. He subscribed liberally to all sports associations, especially to those where children were concerned. He took a keen interest in the Maldon Nursing Association, and as an ardent churchman he gave a chancel screen to All Saints Church in 1925. He married Alice C Bouncer on 8 April 1918, who survived him with an adopted daughter. Re died at his home, Guernsey, Spital Road, Maldon, Essex on 8 January 1932, leaving one half of the residue of his fortune to the church council of All Saints, Maldon, and the other half for the erection and endowment of almshouses in or near Maldon to be called "the Price Charity".

Coincidences in medical practice. Lancet, 1899, 1, 1455.
Two cases of sub-glenoid dislocation of the left humerus resulting from a single accident.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Information given by Mrs Price, personal knowledge].

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