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Biographical entry Monprofit, Ambroise (1857 - 1922)

Hon FRCS 31 July 1913; MD Paris 1888.

General surgeon


Educated at Angers and Paris, he was born in 1857. He was appointed intern in Paris in 1883, and studied under Professors Terrier (1884), Panas (1885), Lannelongue (1886), and Tillaux (1887). He served as demonstrator of anatomy at the Faculté de Médécine in 1885 and moniteur of tracheotomy (1886) at the Hôpital Trousseau. In 1888 he graduated MD Paris with a thesis on salpingitis. He then travelled under the Ministre d'Instruction publique in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and England to study the organization of surgical teaching, and on his return to France began to practise as a surgeon at Angers. In 1892 he was appointed assistant professor of clinical surgery at Paris, and in 1893 was given charge of the obstetric clinic at Angers, becoming professor of clinical surgery at the Angers School of Medicine in 1898. During the war he went to the front on the second day of mobilization in 1914 as a médecin-major with the ambulance service. For his services he was promoted médecin-principal, received the Croix de Guerre, and was decorated Officier of the Legion of Honour. He died in 1922.

Monprofit, it is said, had a surgical conscience, operative resource, and a high moral sense. His generosity, his proverbial kindness, his probity, and his great medical erudition soon gained him a reputation beyond his own province. He was one of the promoters of decentralization in French surgery, and he introduced abdominal surgery into the western provinces of France. He was a member of the French Academy of Medicine, of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium, of the International Society of Surgery, of the British Medical Association, was a founder of the Angers Society of Medical Science, and was president of the 19th French Congress of Surgery.


Le gastro-entérostomie. Paris, 1903.
Chirurgie du gros intestine. Paris, 1904.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Archives franco-belges de Chirurgie, 1921-22, 25, 390, with two portraits and a bibliography].

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