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Biographical entry Williams, William Roger (1854 - 1948)

MRCS 24 April 1877; FRCS 9 June 1881; LRCP 1879.

6 January 1854
30 May 1948
Walton by Clevedon, Somerset
General surgeon


Born on 6 January 1854, the second child and eldest son of William Roger Williams, draper, and his wife, née Williams, who was a cousin. He was educated at Gloucester and at the Bristol Medical School, and afterwards at University College, London, where he was demonstrator of anatomy, and in Paris. He was prizeman, gold medallist, and exhibitioner for 1876 in clinical medicine and surgery at Bristol Royal Infirmary. He served as house surgeon at Wigan Royal Infirmary, and at the Western General Dispensary and St Peter's Hospital in London, and as clinical assistant at the Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital. From 1882 to 1889 he was surgical registrar at the Middlesex Hospital.

Williams then settled in practice at Preston, Lancashire, for seven years. He practised in Upper Berkeley Street, London, W. in 1897-98, but then moved to Beaufort House, Clifton, Bristol. From 1908 he lived for forty years at Walton by Clevedon, Somerset. He wrote several books on cancer, and contributed many papers to the professional journals. Williams never married. He died at Morven, King's Road, Walton by Clevedon, Somerset on 30 May 1948, aged 94. He was the second senior Fellow, being survived by George Andrew, FRCS 1879, who died on 29 July 1948, aged 96.

The principles of cancer and tumour formation. London, 1888. 194 pages.
A monograph on diseases of the breast, with special reference to cancer. London, 1894. 572 pages.
Uterine tumours, their pathology and treatment. London, 1901. 359 pages.
Vaginal tumours, with special reference to cancer and sarcoma. London, 1904. 92 pages.
The natural history of cancer. London, 1908. 519 pages.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit med J 1948, 1, 1165 no memoir; information from his nephew, C F Williams of Wisbech].

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