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Biographical entry Odgers, Paul Norman Blake (1877 - 1958)

MRCS 13 February 1902; FRCS 11 June 1903; LRCP 1902; BA Oxford 1898; MA BM BCh 1903; MCh 1904; DM 1931.

3 July 1877
30 November 1958
Anatomist and General surgeon


Born at Oxford on 3 July 1877, he graduated from Lincoln College with first-class honours in physiology in 1898. He qualified in 1902 from Guy's Hospital, where he was senior science scholar, and held resident posts there and at the South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital, Plymouth. He took the Fellowship in 1903 and the Oxford Master of Surgery degree in 1904, was a clinical assistant at the Evelina and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospitals, and practised for nearly ten years at Northampton where he became consulting surgeon to the General Hospital. He was a vice-president of the section of diseases of children at the Brighton meeting of the British Medical Association, 1913. In the war of 1914-18 he served as a Major, RAMC.

He returned to Oxford after the war, and was appointed senior university demonstrator of anatomy in 1925 and reader in human anatomy in 1931, retiring in 1945. His own college, Lincoln, elected him to a fellowship. He examined in anatomy for Oxford and London Universities and for the FRCS "Odg", as he was known to colleagues and pupils, was an excellent organiser and teacher. He was Arris and Gale lecturer at the College in 1933.

He made several valuable contributions to developmental anatomy before the Anatomical Society of which he was an active member. After retiring he lived at 19 Hanover House, London NW where he died on 30 November 1958 aged 81, survived by his wife, two sons, and a daughter.

Class-book of practical embryology for medical students. Oxford University Press 1945. 64 pages.
Articles in the Journal of Anatomy:
Development of the ventral pancreas in man. 1930, 65, 1.
Two details about the neck of the femur: 1, the eminentia; 2, the empreinte 1930, 65, 352.
Circum-aortic venous rings. 1931, 66, 98.
The lumbar and lumbo-sacral diarthrodial joints. Arris and Gale lecture, R.C.S. 1933, 67, 301.
The formation of the venous valves, the foramen secundum, and the septum secundum in the human heart, 1935, 69, 412.
An early human ovum (Thomson) in situ. 1937, 71, 161.
Development of the pars membranacea septi in the human heart. 1938, 72, 247. The development of the atrio-ventricular valves in man. 1939, 73, 643.
A pre-somite human ovum with a neurenteric canal. 1941, 75, 381.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit med J 1958, 2, 1477 with appreciation by Professor Sir Wilfred Le Gros Clark Oxf med Sch Mag 1959, 11, 86 by Graham Weddell].

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