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Biographical entry Rutherford, Norman Cecil (1880? - 1952?)

DSO 1917; MRCS and FRCS 14 January 1909; MB ChB Edin 1903; LRCP LRCS Ed LRFPSG 1903.



Born about 1880 he was educated at the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated in 1903, taking also the triple qualification of the Scottish Royal medical corporations. He went to South Africa as civil surgeon to the military hospital at Middelburg (1903-04) and from 1905 to 1908 was a district surgeon and magistrate in the Orange River Colony. He came home, took the Fellowship at the beginning of 1909, and was appointed first assistant to the professor of anatomy in the school of medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He began to publish results of anatomical research at this time, joined the Royal Academy of Medicine of Ireland, and was commissioned in the Officers Training Corps. He worked at Freiburg in Germany in 1910-11, and was then appointed demonstrator of anatomy and lecturer on embryology under Professor William Wright FRCS at the London Hospital Medical College. He belonged to the Anatomical and Zoological Societies and to the Anthropological Institute, and continued to publish his researches. He was also active in the OTC of London University.

During the first world war he served in the RAMC and won the DSO in 1917. After the war he seems not to have resumed practice or research. He retired to a cottage near Leybourn, Yorkshire, where he died early in 1952.

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