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Biographical entry Graham, Cecil Irving (1877 - 1957)

MRCS 14 November 1901; FRCS 1 June 1905; LRCP 1901.

11 April 1877
Western Australia
8 August 1957


Born in Western Australia on 11 April 1877, he was a student at St Mary's Hospital, London, where he was afterwards assistant lecturer in anatomy. After holding resident posts at St Mary's and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, he was appointed surgical registrar at St Mary's and subsequently first assistant surgeon when the ear and throat departments were combined in 1908; he had previously been senior clinical assistant at the Throat Hospital, Golden Square. He became surgeon to his department at St Mary's in 1919, and consulting aural surgeon on retirement in 1937. He was also aurist and laryngologist at the King Edward VII memorial hospital, Ealing, and the North Hertfordshire and South Bedfordshire Hospital, Hitchin. He served as honorary secretary of the otology section at the annual meeting of the British Medical Association at London in 1910, and was for some years honorary secretary of the Section of Laryngology in the Royal Society of Medicine. He practised at 17 Upper Wimpole Street.

Graham lived after retirement at 5 St Sampson Terrace, Golant, Par, Cornwall, where he enjoyed sailing and outdoor activities. He suffered for some years from arthritis, slipped when getting out of his boat in July 1957 and, eventually succumbing to his injuries, died on 8 August 1957 aged 80. Graham had been an athlete of fine physique. He was captain of St Mary's Rugby football XV which won the Inter-Hospitals Cup in 1900; St Mary's also won the United Hospitals sports, Graham himself making a record hammer-throw. He was President of St Mary's Rugby football and athletic clubs for many years.


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Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit med J 1957, 2, 594 with appreciation by JFS].

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