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Biographical entry Smith, Edward Archibald (1875 - 1958)

MRCS 14 May 1896; FRCS 10 May 1900; LRCP 1896; MB ChB Victoria 1896; MB Liverpool 1904; ChM Manchester 1909.

12 March 1875
25 June 1958
Wells, Somerset
General practitioner and General surgeon


Born near Rotherham on 12 March 1875, he was educated at Wesley College, Sheffield, the Yorkshire College, Leeds, and University College, Liverpool, graduating through the Victoria University with first-class honours in 1896. After serving as house surgeon and medical registrar and tutor at Liverpool Royal Infirmary, he began in general practice at Southport, but spent two years on the Continent working in the surgical clinics of Berlin, Heidelberg, Vienna, and Paris, and after taking the Fellowship in 1900 was appointed surgeon to the Western General Dispensary, London.

Smith was interested in vascular surgery, published a small book on the Suture of Arteries in 1909, and received a grant from the British Medical Association to continue his researches.

He emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1910, was appointed surgeon to St Paul's Hospital, and was also a successful general practitioner. He was popular and friendly, but reserved; a big bluff man, a constant pipe-smoker, overflowing with energy.

He retired in 1929 to the Channel Isles where he lived at Trinity, Jersey, but on the outbreak of war in 1939 moved to Wells, Somerset, where he died at Eastfield House on 25 June 1958 aged 83.


Suture of arteries, an experimental research. London, H Frowde 1909, 70 pages.
On circular or end-to-end suturing of arteries, being a modification of an already published method. Brit med J 1910, 1, 1407.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit med J 1958, 2, 333 with appreciation by JHM of Vancouver].

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