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Biographical entry Sloane, John Stretton (1870 - 1956)

MRCS 11 May 1893; FRCS 13 June 1895; LRCP 1893; BSc London 1890; MB 1894; BS 1895; MS 1898.

18 February 1870
4 July 1956
General surgeon


Born on 18 February 1870 son of John Sloane MD Edinburgh, and Sarah Stretton his wife, he was educated at St Bartholomew's Hospital where he won the Senior (1891), Brackenbury (1893), and Lawrence (1894) scholarships and served as house surgeon, senior assistant demonstrator of anatomy, and senior assistant in the throat department. At the University of London he took honours in science and medicine and first-class honours in surgery. He was a clinical assistant at the Belgrave Hospi┬Čtal for Children, and assistant surgeon to the Metropolitan Hospital.

He settled in general practice at Leicester and was appointed in 1912 surgeon to the Royal Infirmary. During the war of 1914-18 he was surgeon to No 5 Northern General Hospital at Evington, Leicester, with the rank of Major, RAMC. Although he suffered from bilateral Dupuytren's contracture of the fingers, he was an accomplished operator, being particularly successful with gastroenterostomies, which he performed without using clamps.

He retired from the Infirmary in 1930, the last of the general practitioner surgeons, but he continued to practise privately until the end of his long life. "Tod" Sloane was a hardy and vigorous man. He rode his bicycle till past 80 years old, scorning to use a car; he was a keen mountaineer and an excellent lawn-tennis player. He never wore an overcoat and was described as "the first to vault the rails to the help of an injured player" when watching the Leicester Tigers football team. He married on 24 February 1904 Emily Hilda Marston. He died from the effects of an accident in his house, 82 London Road, Leicester on 4 July 1956 aged 86. He was survived by his wife and their two sons and one daughter.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit med J 1956, 2, 247 by JCB; information from Mrs Sloane and from the Hospital Secretary, Leicester Royal Infirmary].

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