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Biographical entry Laurence, Noel Ellis (1902 - 1967)

MRCS 1924; FRCS 1929; LRCP 1924.

March 1967
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Anaesthetist , Gynaecologist and Orthopaedic surgeon


Born and educated in Trinidad, he obtained an island scholarship to England in 1917 from QRC Port of Spain. Proceeding to St Bartholomew's Hospital for his medical education, he qualified with the Conjoint Diploma in 1924 and then held various appointments, as resident anaesthetist at St Bartholomew's, as house surgeon at Leicester and as orthopaedic registrar at Salford. After being admitted to the Fellowship, and he was probably one of the first West Indians to be admitted, he practised for many years as a consulting gynaecologist to Southport Infirmary and the Christian Hartley Maternity Hospital and St Katharine's Maternity Hospital.

Retiring to his native Trinidad he took a post at the General Hospital. One evening in March 1967, while watching television in the drawing room of his house at 12 Wariuriger Street, Port of Spain, he was attacked by a burglar, beaten unconscious and died without regaining consciousness.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England