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Biographical entry Wimberger, Wilfred Emeric (1907 - 1965)

MRCS 1930; FRCS 1950; FICS; LRCP 1930.

23 April 1965
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
General surgeon and Pathologist


Wimberger was born in England in 1907 and graduated at the University of Birmingham in 1930. After holding various house appointments, he was Medical Superintendent for twenty years, 1937-57, and senior surgeon to Hallam Hospital, West Bromwich. His services during this period of heavy air raids in 1940-41 was recognised with gratitude by the County Borough Council. After the war he was active in developing his hospital to take its full share of work and leadership under the new West Regional Hospital Board.

Wimberger emigrated in 1957 to Kapuskasing, Ontario, a lumber town four hundred miles north-west of Toronto and nearly half way from Lake Huron to Hudson Bay. He was consulting surgeon to the Sensenbrenner Hospital there which he greatly developed, and under the Ontario Provincial Government Queen's Pathologist for the Cochrane district, he performed the necessary forensic autopsies, and collaborated closely with his friend the Provincial Coroner, Dr Bruce Feaver.

He was a public-spirited man keen to serve his community and often performed surgical operations without charge for patients in the remote settlements of northern Ontario where his help was welcomed by Catholic French Canadians though he was an active Anglican churchman.

'Bill' Wimberger had many outside interests, loving his garden and his piano, supporting the Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford, Ontario, and enjoying the good things of life. He studied the history of medicine and for his holidays explored the remote West Indian islands, away from tourist centres. There he contracted the uncommon disease, periarteritis nodosum, from which he died in Hamilton General Hospital, Ontario on 23 April 1965, aged fifty-eight.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Canad med Ass J 1965, 93, 185 and at page 988 an appreciation by G Soucie MD; Information from his brother, and from Dr Bruce Feaver through Wimberger's friend Victor D Key, a Director of the Sensenbrenner Hospital at Kapuskasing].

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