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Biographical entry Mogg, Richard Arthur (1911 - 1980)

VRD 1945; MRCS and FRCS 1940; BSc; MB Wales 1935; MCh 1955.

2 September 1911
13 June 1980
Urological surgeon


Richard Arthur Mogg was born in Cardiff on 2 September 1911 and educated at Cardiff High School whence he entered the Welsh National School of Medicine, qualifying in 1935 with prizes in anatomy and physiology and distinctions in pharmacology, gynaecology and obstetrics, medicine and surgery. He served for a period as senior lecturer in anatomy in Cardiff and took the FRCS in 1940. He then volunteered for active service and was commissioned in the Royal Navy, being graded as a urological specialist. He returned to Cardiff in 1946 and was appointed consultant urological surgeon to the United Cardiff Hospitals, founding the department of urology at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary. He also held appointments at this time with the East Glamorgan, Royal Hamadryad and Brecon Hospitals.

In addition to his clinical work, Mogg was deeply interested in research and wrote authoritatively on adult and paediatric urological problems throughout his career. In 1955 he received his mastership by a thesis on urinary diversion using colonic conduits and in 1959 he was Hunterian Professor of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. On five separate occasions he was visiting professor to university centres in the United States and this international reputation gained him honorary membership of the Australian and Canadian Urological Associations. He became one of the foremost urologists in the United Kingdom, serving in his time on the Council of the British Association of Urological Surgeons and being President in 1974. He was also President of the Urological Section of the Royal Society of Medicine and of the Cardiff Medical Society. He was a great believer in the developing specialty of urology and believed that university hospitals and large district hospitals should have defined urological departments. He served as a member of the Specialists Advisory Committee in Urology of the combined Royal Colleges of Surgeons.

In 1977 he gained the distinction of a Papal knighthood, becoming a Knight of the Order of St Sylvester.

Richard Mogg died on 13 June 1980, aged 68, being predeceased by his wife, Rosemary whom he had met while on active service in the war, and who died in 1978. He was survived by his three sons Peter, Alan and John.

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