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Biographical entry Sandrasagra, Anthony Pathmanathan (1909 - 1978)

MRCS and FRCS 1949; LMS Ceylon 1935; FRCS Ed 1949.

9 May 1909
Jaffna, Ceylon
8 April 1978
ENT surgeon, General surgeon and Paediatric surgeon


Anthony Pathmanathan Sandrasagra, the son of M F R Sandrasagra, was born on 9 May 1909 at Jaffna, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). After education at St Patrick's College, Jaffna and St Benedict's College, Colombo, he entered Colombo Medical College with the five year Jeejee Bhoy scholarship. He had an outstanding student record with first class passes in each professional examination and qualified in 1935. After serving as a house officer at Colombo General Hospital he was demonstrator of anatomy, 1936-38, and then district medical officer at Hinduma until 1940. He returned to Colombo as demonstrator of physiology and pharmacology at Ceylon Medical College for five years. There followed one year as a medical officer at Trincomalee before he was given study leave in the UK.

Between 1946 and 1949 he studied for and passed the Final Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons and also passed the FRCS Edinburgh. On his return to Ceylon he did ENT surgery for four years at Kandy and Jaffna, followed by four years in general surgery at Kandy and Kurunegala. Continuing in the government medical service he worked as surgeon to the Children's Hospital in Colombo for twelve years from 1959.

Sandrasagra wrote papers on infant pyloric stenosis and childhood intussusception and he was S C Paul Orator when he spoke on the surgery of hare lip. He was married to his cousin Helen Sandrasagra and they had one son and three daughters. The son is a Fellow of this College but now in radiological practice in the UK and the eldest daughter is married to Mr P Ratnesar, a Fellow of the Edinburgh College, who is now an ENT surgeon in England.

Anthony Sandrasagra was a Tamil and was highly esteemed in Ceylon. When he died on 8 April 1978 he was survived by his wife and children.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Information from his eldest daughter and Prof Milroy Paul FRCS].

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