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Biographical entry Winter, John Stephen (1920 - 1978)

CBE 1969; MRCS 1943; FRCS 1961; BA Cambridge 1953; FRCS Ed 1958; LRCP 1943.

21 January 1920
General surgeon


John Stephen Winter was born on 21 January 1920 and educated and trained at Cambridge University and Liverpool University Medical School qualifying during the second world war. He served in the RAMC until 1947 and then joined the Royal Air Force Medical Service in 1950. Having worked in general, orthopaedic and plastic surgical services he decided to specialise in oncology and ultimately became consultant surgeon in charge of the Cade Unit at Princess Mary's RAF Hospital, Halton. In that appointment he achieved a close working relationship with fellow surgeons and radiotherapists at Westminster Hospital where he was appointed as an honorary assistant surgeon.

John Winter had a high reputation as a shrewd diagnostician and talented surgical craftsman but, above all, he had the rare gift of easing his patients' fears and worries and showed great personal concern for their well-being. Many of those he trained were grateful for the example he set and for the principles he taught and practised. He was an enthusiastic player and follower of tennis and had been a member of the Lawn Tennis Umpires' Association since 1975. He was never happier than when officiating at championships and he collapsed and died while attending a tournament. He was survived by his wife and two sons.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit med J, 1978, 2, 285].

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