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Biographical entry Gillam, John Francis Edward ( - 1987)

MRCS 1925; FRCS 1929; MB BS London 1925; LRCP 1925.

28 March 1987
General practitioner and General surgeon


There are no details of John Francis Edward Gillam's date of birth, family, education or early medical appointments. He qualified from St Thomas's Hospital in 1925 and took the FRCS four years later. In 1931 he moved to a general practice partnership at Haverfordwest where he also practised surgery. At the inception of the NHS in 1948 he was appointed consultant general surgeon to the West Wales Hospital Group, working at the County War Memorial Hospital, Haverfordwest, and the South Pembrokeshire Hospital. Having had such extensive experience in general practice prior to the NHS, his clinical acumen and advice later proved of great value during domiciliary visits with his colleagues. Moreover, being endowed with an excellent memory and a warm and genial manner beneath his outward formality, and being exceedingly hardworking and conscientious, he was a valuable member of his medical community. He was reputedly a slow, but skilful and careful surgeon, who read widely and kept up with the latest thinking. A tireless worker, he attended his hospital patients every morning, including the weekends, whilst he was a keen supporter and regularly attended at the Sunday morning meetings of the Pembrokeshire Medical Society. He served for many years as Chairman of the Medical Staff Committee and constantly strove to improve standards in his hospitals.

After his retirement in 1968 he pursued his lifelong interest in travel and ornithology. When he died on 28 March 1987 he was survived by his wife, Sallie, his two daughters, Sue and Jane, and a son, Pat, who is a general practitioner.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit med J 1987, 294, 1425].

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